Activity Areas

Banking and Financial Law

We study the individual banking and financial product in all its aspects, identifying anomalies and illegitimacy, we weigh the impact on investors or savers, identifying those responsible and act accordingly to compensate for damages or more generally to safeguard injured rights.

 The technicality of banking and financial law is not only due to the application of financial mathematics, but to the correct knowledge and use of the rules that regulate the matter and beyond. In order to set up a dispute that has concrete foundations in the courtrooms, in addition to the consolidated law in banking and finance (TUB and TUF) and the circulars of the Bank of Italy, the CONSOB regulations, what must also be well known are the uses, best practice, behaviors and company policies adopted by the banks and other financial entities that we submit to our scrutiny.

Finally, we reconstruct the events, also investigating the individual internal procedures adopted by the institution or financial institution involved.

With this approach we work by strands of investigation on the cases that are submitted to us and if the profiles of responsibility that emerge involve more damaged, we are experts in organizing multiple collective actions.

The attention we pay to all these elements, the specialized and in-depth knowledge and expertise of the sector, but above all our collective activity, between lawyers, experts and informants, makes the difference in terms of success.

Multiple Collective Actions

We are among the few law firms in Italy to organize multiple collective actions, also known as "class actions", in the banking and financial fields.

We have a consolidated experiences and tested methods that distinguish us by years of disputes of this type.

We fight to protect the rights violated by financial products affected by defects and illegalities to the detriment of investors or savers.

For us this is a mission.

So far, we have followed paths not traveled by others and the results have proved us right.

The preparatory phase of a lawsuit is fundamental and we meticulously collect documents, elaborate strategies, prepare expert reports with a high technical-financial and legal profile, collect data and information on each individual case, and deposit deeds designed and weighed line by line, enhancing the element of communication with the magistrate. We thus arrive in Court sure that we have prepared the best possible defense.

Our clients can testify our care, dedication, expertise, doggedness and ultimately, our results.

Business Advocacy

An entrepreneur today cannot do without adopting an agile, high-performance and less expensive corporate structure, also in terms of tax, contributions and labour. He cannot do without qualified assistance to solve both internal and external problems of the social structure. Much less can he give up the support of a team of professionals and experts who help him make the right choices and achieve the set goals.

For several years we have been dealing with consultancy and support in extraordinary corporate operations, personnel reorganization, debt restructuring, new corporate structures, all needs that an entrepreneur with us faces aided by the advice of lawyers and experts, thus precisely to transforming these events into new opportunities.



International Desk

For managers and entrepreneurs looking to markets beyond the Alps, or intending to consolidate the international presence of their business, our highly qualified partners, in Italy and abroad, can support them, providing the necessary legal and tax assistance, in all internationalization processes, start-up, planning and consolidation of objectives.


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